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System Slim

Radiofrequency, laser and vacuum combined together to give you maximum results in a few sessions without contraindications.

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System Dren

Peristaltic massage, electrostimulation and infrared combined together to give you maximum results in a few sessions without contraindications.

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System Epyl

System epil uses a German diode source and complies with all Bruxells safety regulations.

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System slim is one of the rare and effective devices capable of performing treatments for both body and face, with single or simultaneous actions, combining multiple functions simultaneously. It is an endothermic treatment that allows to treat in a natural way all the alterations of the connective tissue in the aesthetic or therapeutic field, expressly studied to eliminate the imperfections of cellulite, to reduce the localized adiposities following a demolition of the calcified fat, to temporarily minimize the stretch marks, reduce wrinkles, bags, firm and tone atonic tissues.

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The massage or pressure therapy is a non-invasive and painful aesthetic treatment. It uses an apparatus that fills air with anatomical leggings positioned in various areas of the body that, once swollen, are emptied together (the operation is repeated several times.) It is used to combat the most widespread and feared imperfection by women, the cellulite which often depends on slowing down circulation. With pressotherapy, which is carried out in aesthetic institutes, it is possible to combat water retention and centimeters too much in the most affected areas such as legs, arms and abdomen in relatively short times.

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Three models available:

  • System dren presso 

  • System dren near + infrared

  • System dren near + infrared + electrostimulation

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SYSTEM EPIL, 808 nm diode laser represents the new frontier of definitive epilation. In fact, the equipment generates a laser beam of a particular wavelength (808nm) able to cross the skin and be absorbed by the pigment of the hairs inside the hair bulbs, with a consequent increase in temperature and definitive destruction of the germ cells of the same bulb, thus obtaining the effect of a permanent depilation through the principle of photo selective thermolysis.

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