Aesthetic equipment

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Radio freq_modificato.jpg

Bipolar radiofrequency

Ideal for firming the skin tissue of the face with an anti-aging, slimming and firming action on the body



Localized slimming

Laser Diodo_modificato.jpg

Laser Diode

Permanent, progressive, definitive, fast hair removal


Pulsed light

Final progressive epilation

Oxygen therapy

Face and body beauty treatment, ideal for treating dull complexions of the skin, anti-aging mixed skin


Pressure Therapy

Peristaltic pressure massage to treat and drain legs, abdomen, optional arms


Renewal of skin tissue by mechanical exfoliation. Ideal for treating scars, stretch marks and spots.



Equipped with handpiece for squeezing and cleaning the face as well as a handpiece for vacuum treatments. Handpiece for spraying cosmetic product

Endodermal face and body massage with anti-aging, firming, slimming and draining action


Deep conveying of active ingredients. Ideal for face and body treatments